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About the Shrine Club of Southeastern Mass


Ralph Brown & Ralph Hall with Ms. New Bedford 2003

The Shrine Club of Southeastern Massachusetts is a local chapter of the Aleppo Shriners which is one of the 195 member Temples of the fraternity known as Shriners International. Our members consist of men from all walks of life whom belong to the Masonic fraternity as well as to either or both the local state chapters known as  the Aleppo Shriners (eastern Mass)  and or the Rhode Island Shriners (Rhode Island). As Shriners, we  are dedicated to the care of children regardless of financial need, as well as fun, frivolity, fellowship and the Masonic principles of brotherly love, patriotism, relief, charity, and truth.  The Shrine Club of Southeastern Mass holds many fun social functions* and outings throughout the year which bring together people from all walks of life for the purposes of fun, frivolity, and camaraderie.

*Important Note:


The cost of all social functions and operations of Shrine centers (Temples), and Shrine Clubs including the Shrine Club of Southeastern Mass, are separate entities, funds, and accounts other than those used to support the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, and The Aleppo Shriner’s Patient Transportation Fund. The costs of operations come from membership dues, annual assessments, and fundraisers which indicate that they are for the sole purpose of raising funds for fraternal operations.

All Social Functions are funded by ticket costs for attendees for said event, membership dues, and or the individual members contributions.

All Money raised for the Shriner’s Hospitals or the Aleppo Shriner’s Patient Transportation Fund is donated to that cause and is never used for social events. Finally, the Shrine Club of Southeastern Mass and the All Shrine Centers including the Aleppo Shriners are audited on an annual basis.